Hotel Builds and Operation

Looking to buy or build a hotel? This growing sector in the Okanagan has a lot of potential and a lot of frustrations. This is where we excel. We make sense of all the Okanagan Nuances, zoning, permits and give you access to our large network of trades professionals.

We are delivering Global Service and results to our clients everyday.

We are a full-service provider, structured to enable maximum collaboration. So we can apply our collective expertise holistically for truly integrated solutions.

Why Choose Us

Whether you are a multinational business that needs to fill space overseas, a partnership interested in acquiring a new location or an investor looking for opportunities in another region, your CENTURY 21 Commercial professional can reach out to his or her colleagues across the way – or across the globe – to provide creative solutions that meet your specific needs.

Backed by over 40 years of real estate experience, CENTURY 21 Commercial professionals have an insider’s understanding of the local business environment. They know which properties are available today and which will be available tomorrow, and can draw on relationships with local contacts to make these opportunities a reality.

Tools that make the leasing process easier.

This is what we do; take complicated transactions and make them easy for you. We have the tools to ensure a smooth process and getting what you want.


Our team continually puts together team that push the boundaries of builds in the Okanagan. With our large spere of financiers, builders and specialist we are able to provide solutions to ensure your project completes in the most efficient manner possible.

Access to thousands of available listings.

In addition to the available listed projects we often know of many projects that are in process but not yet public. We connect you with these opportunities to maximize growth.

Trusted partners who work for you.

This is the section to show why peope should choose us. Once they know us then its a no brainer, but until they do, this is the 'sell'.

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